The Team

Matt Healey - Director

Matt started Whippet Developments in 2007, he is a qualified builder. Matt comes from a family which has been in the industry for over 70 years. He has worked in commercial and residential building in New Zealand and the UK.

Matt’s main role is to ensure the team delivers the goods for his clients. He is very fortunate to be an ‘on tools boss’ which allows him to ensure the detail is kept razor sharp and on point.

Amanda Kerley - Qualified Builder/ Project Manager

Amanda comes from a Legal background being a qualified Legal Executive and has run her own successful businesses from a young age. She tracks money in and the money out on our projects and doesn’t miss a beat. And deals with all of our project from design to logistics.  

Amanda is a trade qualified carpenter and a licensed building practitioner.  

Taine Brown Senior Apprentice

Taine is our senior apprentice and is usually found deep in the trenches on all of our projects. Taine comes from Reporoa and moved here to Hamilton to pursue a career in building. When hes not building, he enjoys crawling through mud and blackberry at the weekends in pursue of wild pigs and deer.